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      2 min read

      Jumpstart Your Service Revolution: Transform Your Company’s DNA and Thrive in an Age of Disruption

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      Competitive business couple racing at the officeDo you sometimes feel that you are living your life, not just in the “fast lane,” but in the “acceleration lane”? More change. More chaos. Less time. Less control. And woven in and around this feeling is the reality that your company—and your job—will be dramatically impacted by the disruptive forces marching toward your industry.

      And you’re trying your best to figure out what it all means—to skillfully navigate around the land mines hidden in the road ahead. You feel anxious, even somewhat fearful, about the relentless pace of change and the ever-increasing demands on your time and talent.

      You look to your boss and the leaders within your company for clarity. While you hear their words, the actual responses seem a bit hollow. You have questions and concerns. Why are so many people on edge? Why am I feeling so much anxiety about the future? Why does it seem like our leaders are living in an alternate universe, talking about things that don’t seemto really address the underlying issues? You begin to feel like you’re living in a nightmare.

      This is what it feels like when you are working in a company that is experiencing—or about to experience—significant industry disruption. And while all of this is distinctly unsettling on so many fronts, there also exists a bold opportunity to seize control of your situation and turn that nightmare into a vividly positive dream for the future.

      You realize “change” is a must. And better yet, so do your company’s leaders—the people that set the tone in an organization and model the culture within which everyone operates. With that realization, the previous organizational headwinds now become tailwinds. You find yourself back in that “acceleration lane,” but now it feels right, and you begin to see the destination that lies ahead.

      Turning those headwinds into tailwinds—and helping the corporation and the people that work in it see that future destination—is really what this book is all about. But it goes even further. The good news is you can confront disruptive change head-on and come out a winner, not simply a bystander reading your company’s obituary.

      You have a golden opportunity to transform your company’s DNA and be part of the future vs. the corporate road-kill you see on the side of the road as you look in your rear-view mirror.

      If you’d like to learn more, please join me on February 26, 2019 at 1pm ET in a free webinar sponsored by Mize, Inc.  on February 26th at 1pm ET.  The webinar is titled Winning service strategies to unlock value in the installed base”.  I’ll be a co-presenting with Michael Blumberg, Mize’s CMO and we’ll provide perspectives on how to increase Aftermarket Services Revenue. As special bonus for attending, you will receive a free digital copy of my new book; Jump Start Your Service Revolution: Transform Your Company’s DNA and Thrive in an Age of Disruption   It lays out a seven-step process, I developed, that guides you to this future destination, complete with road signs along the way. These road signs will give you a relative sense of where you are along the journey as well as warning you when a sharp curve lies ahead.

      I hope this book and our webinar help you ask the right questions and understand when the winds of change arrive and inspires you and your company’s leaders to do what it takes to thrive in an age of disruption.


      Tom Schlick

      Tom Schlick has over 30 years of experience as a customer-focused business operations executive. He is known as a transformational leader, successfully leading organizations through high growth as well as difficult turnaround situations. Tom moves confidently from vision and strategy to tactical development and implementation. He also has the unique ability to build cohesive, high-performing teams that can work cross-functionally in alignment with common goals.