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      4 min read

      ICYMI – Webinar: Enabling Service Technicians to Deliver Better Customer Experience

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      Business man pointing the text Customer ExperienceIn last week’s webinar, Enabling Service Technicians to Deliver Better Customer Experience, our viewers learned how to equip service technicians with the tools they need to enhance customer experience (CX). Viewers also got an inside look at Mize’s connected CX solution which demonstrated key applications of the Mize software.

      Our speakers included Michael Blumberg, CMO of Mize, and Andrew Thomas, Product Manager of Mize. Blumberg led us through reasons why field service companies should focus on enhancing their customers’ experience while also providing solutions that, once implemented, would enable service technicians to perform their work more efficiently. Then, Thomas walked through an end-to-end process for service requests in Mize, including a first look at Customer, Administrator, and Technician portals.

      Watch Webinar recording

      Together, our speakers provided a comprehensive overview about the importance of getting the customer experience right, and the ways in which your company can start implementing solutions today! In this blog, we re-cap key points from the webinar and provide resources for review and download.

      Why focus on Customer Experience (CX)?

      The customer experience does not end once customers make a purchase¾it is just beginning. From here, companies not only have a responsibility to keep their customers satisfied, they also have an opportunity to increase revenues by providing quality, aftermarket services to them.

      Based on numbers alone, research shows that it costs 5 times more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones, meaning, companies can save costs by keeping existing customers happy. Not only that, existing customers are shown to buy 67% more from companies they have already purchased from. In other words, keep customers happy and they will keep coming back to buy from you! Lastly, 89% of companies agree that the key factor in determining customer loyalty and retention is customer experience.  

      The two key components that influence customer experience are:

      • Speed of service: how fast did the technician get to the customer and solve the problem?
      • First time fix rate: did the technician fix the issue correctly the first time?

      However, there are a few bottlenecks, or, barriers, which prevent field service technicians from providing excellent speed of service and first time fix rates. For example, technicians may have:

      • Insufficient knowledge to address the issue at hand
      • Inaccurate or partial data about customers and/or products
      • Inability to communicate effectively with 3rd party support specialists
      • Inaccurate inventory of truck parts causing repeat visits
      • Non-existent audit trails to track previous service requests or warranty information

      Given that technicians spend 1/3 of their time on-site, they must have a solution to overcome these bottlenecks.


      To ensure technician time is spent efficiently and productively, companies can turn to several solutions, including:

      • Capturing key service information through online forms
      • Providing access to Knowledge resources
      • Improving parts availability through catalog and inventory tracking
      • Offering remote support to guide technicians to make better diagnostic and repair decisions
      • Building stronger customer relationships through instant quotes and contracts

      All these solutions have been shown to improve speed of service and first time fix rates¾the two major components which influence customer experience.

      If these solutions were categorized into key applications, they would encompass Forms, Knowledge, Inventory, Support, Augmented/Merged Reality, and Offer/Sell opportunities. Together, these applications provide an end-to-end field service management solution¾a solution which Mize offers today.

      The webinar recording provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Mize connected CX solution, but a brief synopsis of the demonstration goes like this:

      1. Customers access their own Customer Portal which contains a record of all registered Products and Entitlements. If they need service on any of their products, they can request it and input their location and technician preferences. Mize automatically creates a Service Order and sends it to the Back Office for review and approval.
      2. The Back Office logs in to the Customer Central Portal where they can view all Service Order requests. From here, administrators can allocate work orders and dispatch the appropriate technicians for the job.
      3. Service Technicians log in to the Channel Connect Portal via their mobile device where they can view a summary of all Service Order information, including customer information, service requests for parts and labor, product information and failure description, and routing information. If Technicians need further assistance, they have access to Knowledge resources (like operating manuals, schematics, and pick lists) and the ability to connect instantaneously with support specialists through video conferencing technology inside the app.

      With all the information they need in the palm of their hands and the ability to connect with all stakeholders over one shared platform, service technicians can deliver a better customer experience with the Mize connected CX solution.

      Application Resources

      So, where is your company when it comes to enabling service technicians to deliver better customer experience? What obstacles can you see? And, what solutions do you need to implement?

      Our webinar covers the Mize solution, but please see for yourself through our 30-day free trial. During the test drive, companies are welcome to load their own data to see how our solution works for you.

      Further, please visit Field Service Insights, a website made possible by Mize, dedicated to helping service professionals gain access to latest and greatest strategies with tools and perspectives on service management.

      A recording of the webinar, as well as the presentation are available for download here

      Watch Webinar recording


      Natalie Kass