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      2 min read

      Highlights: 2020 Field Service Virtual Summit and Expo

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      Field Service USA 2020 OnDemand Video

      The 2020 Field Service Virtual Summit & Expo brought together cross-industry service, support, and customer success leaders to relay their successes (and obstacles) for building their world-class operations. View the one-hour overview video here.

      With forward-looking content and unique session formats, the Field Service Virtual Summit provided insight to help attendees achieve service excellence and drive profitability through peer insights from those with the world’s biggest and most innovative manufacturers. It was a lively event.

      This year’s focus was decidedly pandemic-driven, with a multitude of vantages discussed covering:

      • Field Service in the Era of COVID-19
      • Accelerating the Digitization of Field Service in Response to the Pandemic
      • The Evolution of Customers’ Needs in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond

      Mize was an active event sponsor, with the Service Lifecycle Management platform provider’s presenting strategy from a beneficially diversified perspective.

      Ashok Kartham, Founder & CEO of Mize headlined with Key Technologies Field Service Organizations Should Be Investing in Today to Ensure Business Continuity and Growth in a Post-Pandemic Economy. He and a panel of peers discussed what the new norm actually is, and how its progression is accelerating investments in digital to meet customers’ evolving needs in the post-pandemic economy. They expanded into the path forward for service automation: elevating service digital maturity to the next level. Also addressed was the impact on business continuity to identifying business opportunities coming out of the pandemic, and how to capitalize on them.

      Gary Napotnik, Mize’s CMO, had customer experience covered. He addresses The Crucial Role of Field Service: Helping Customers Connect with Your Brand, exploring the totality of impact of service and support on customer interactions. With the elevating role of field service, securing companywide recognition and support is crucial to improving customer communication, positioning brands and their products in the best light through service.

      Best Practices in Customer Retention was Napotnik’s second presentation, exploring how to gain understanding of customers’ true needs, and getting a holistic view of their existing service infrastructure.

      These practices revolved around ensuring that product and service offerings are optimized to yield maximum ROI for your customer, and how to measure customer success and satisfaction most accurately. This was supported with exploration of developing a system of metrics and KPIs that accurately reflect customer satisfaction rates and can serve as the foundation for data-driven strategy adjustments and continuous improvement.

      Josh Russell, Group Product Manager of Mize presented Knowledge Management Enabling Field Service Excellence. Knowledge, namely access to current product information for both service teams and customers alike, is a must. Russell discussed what aspects of knowledge management can be automated for mobile technician access, and how to integrate knowledge components with existing service system infrastructures. He also focused on OEM customers benefits from automated product knowledge, in the context of today’s DIY desires and abilities expectations.

      To see a single, business system-integrated platform managing all Field Service activities, request a demo of Mize, an IDC recognized leader in Service Lifecycle management.



      Tim Nissen

      Tim Nissen has built companies through marketing in categories including technology, manufacturing, energy, commercial real estate and business services.