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      2 min read

      Ensuring Field Service Technician and Customer Health & Safety: A Systems Appraoch

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      Today, Mize announced the availability of a new Health Check designed to monitor the health of technicians and protect the safety of end customers.

      Developed in response to COVID-19, this application enables organizations to assign service orders based on the health of their technicians.

      At the beginning of each day, organizations can use the Health Check feature to collect vital health signs from each individual technician and automatically determine if the technician’s Health Check status is “Fit” or “Unfit”.


      Health Check utilizes an intuitive user interface to capture information including the technician’s temperature and any COVID-19 symptoms the technician may be experiencing that day:

      • Dry cough
      • Lost or diminished smell
      • Sore throat
      • Weakness
      • Change in appetite
      • Difficulty breathing

      Technicians receive a Health Check Status of “Fit” if their temperate is normal (96.0 to 98.6 degrees), and they have no symptoms.  Otherwise, their status is “Unfit”. 

      Business Rules allocate and assign service orders based on the technician’s status.


      Key features of the Health Check application include

      • Automatically allocate and assign Service Orders to Technicians with a Fit status.
      • Prevent allocation of Service Orders to Technicians with Unfit status
      • Real time update and notification to dispatch schedule if a previously assigned technician’s status changes to Unfit
      • Block Technicians with Unfit Status or who have not completed daily Health Check from starting work on a Service Order
      • Enable Technicians with Fit Status to accept Service Orders from their mobile device
      • Ability to access additional COVID-19 knowledge resources (e.g., checklists, videos, pdfs., presentations, etc.)
      • Advanced Search capabilities enable an organization to search Health Check information by date, technician name, symptoms, and temperature


      Health Check is now available as a free feature within Mize Service Smart Blox and Field Service Management Solution.

      Request a Free Demonstration of Mize Service Smart Blox and Health Check feature to learn more.Request a Demo


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