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      3 min read

      Enlist Your Service Technician in Proactive Business Growth

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      There is a lot of time and resources spent today on trying to engage field service technicians in generating new business from existing customers, and for good reasons.  Field service technicians are in a unique position in that they have insight to the needs of their customers which is unmatched by anyone else in the organization.  

      They know the technology, understand their company’s capabilities and know the equipment the customer is using and what they are trying to achieve with it.  They also generally have the trust of the customer.  Who is better at identifying products and/or services that the customer can use to make improvements to their facilities and operations?


      And yet, despite their unique insight into their customer’s needs and their relationships with their customers based on trust, there is a general feeling amongst service management that their efforts to engage their technicians in business development are not well rewarded.  Based on my experience of working with and speaking to service managers, most are not fully satisfied with their field team’s proactive efforts of winning more business for the company.  Yes, many firms have individual technicians that excel at building more business, but to get the entire team generating similar levels of new business seems impossible. 

      In this upcoming webinar entitled Enlisting your Service Technician in Proactive Business Growth, I will be leading a discussion on the reasons why many service firms struggle with attaining their business development goals through the efforts of their techs.  We will look at the hurdles that hinder the efforts of the field service team and why management may not always be aware of them.   For example, we will consider how the role of trust – both with the customer and between members of the service organization itself –plays a role in the success of the initiative.  We will consider processes and systems and even management assumptions and what they will mean for results. 

      The webinar will explore the steps that management can take to address the hurdles that are standing in the way to success.  We will examine the importance of clearly defining what it is that we are asking our technicians to do and how it is an integral part of their job.  We will discuss actions that may appear obvious but whose importance is often discounted or completely overlooked.  For example, the integration with other parts of the organization that will play a role in executing any opportunity found.

      Our goal is to help participants of the webinar look at the initiative of engaging their technicians in business development from a holistic perspective and ensure that each component that supports the technicians’ efforts is aligned.  We will share practical ideas that they can use to assess their current approach and some concrete concepts to immediately implement to improve their success.  Ample time will be provided to ask questions and to explore how the concepts presented could be applied in each participant’s unique situations.

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      All qualified attendees will receive a digital copy of the book compliments of Mize Titled: Beyond GREAT SERVICE-The Technician's Role in Proactive Business Growth by Jim Baston.

      Webinar Topic: Enlisting your Service Technicians in Proactive Business Growth

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      During this Webinar presented by leading Industry experts, you will learn about:

      • The often overlooked hurdles in engaging technicians in business development
      • Some practical recommendations to overcome the hurdles
      • Enabling service technicians to maximize customer lifetime value
      • Mobile applications designed to improve attach and renewal rates
      • Generating additional revenue and profits at the point of service



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