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      2 min read

      Engaging the Dealer Network to transform your Customer Experience

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      Brands rely on independent Distribution/Dealer network to deliver the desired Customer Experience, but have no control over dealership employees and bound by franchise/dealership agreements on what is required of dealers.

      In “Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way”, New York Times #1 bestselling author, Joseph Michelli, shares at great length on how Mercedes-Benz USA engaged their 370 authorized dealers to co-create a differentiated, exemplary branded sales and service experience that would set the standard within the automotive sector and beyond.

      There is no other book that deals with this challenging task faced by all Brands in securing the buy-in and focus from the dealers to transform the customer experience. In fact, there are at least 362 references to "dealers" in the book.  Now you can learn about it by attending the webinar hosted mize, software leader in enabling Connected Customer Experience, on Feb 25th, 2016 at 1 PM – 2 PM EST with the author Joseph Michelli

      Some of the strategies implemented by Mercedes-Benz USA include:

      • Set Compelling Customer Experience Vision. Watch the video on “The Standard”
      • Create a detailed visual map of the customer experience transformation journey. Download the map
      • Train and equip all dealer employees to create an understanding concerning "why, what, and how" involved in delivering delight.
      • Setup financial agreements and incentive packages with dealer principals/owners to link profitability to customer experience excellence and propel transformation at the dealership level
      • Use latest technologies and standards for customer care. View journey wheels depicting customers experience through marketing, purchase, and after-sale contact points.
      • Setup Dealer score cards and Customer Experience Index (CEI) to measure and hold dealers accountable for using and driving improvements

      Customer stories shared by Mercedes-Benz USA customers reflect the improvements in industry standard rankings that the company has achieved. Everyone in Marketing, Sales, Service, dealer development, and training will benefit from learning form the journey undertaken by Mercedes-Benz USA.

      All qualified webinar attendees will also receive a signed copy of the book “Driven to Delight” compliments of mize.


      Eric Marlan

      Eric Marlan, a Senior Product Manager with Mize, manages the product roadmap for the Mize Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox modules focused on the areas of Registration, Warranty, Parts, Service Plans, Support, Field Service, and Knowledge.