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      3 min read

      Never Underestimate the Power of Content Marketing

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      Content marketing, is the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, obtain and involve your readers, and customers. As audiences began to join more niche networks and demand a higher level of interaction with brands online, creating relevant and valuable content that could be shared and consumed across multiple platforms became the number one objective for brands and businesses.

      We can expect to see new content marketing trends emerge and continue to grow – creating an even more dynamic online marketplace.

      1. Strategies

      In both 2014 and 2015, content marketers used an average of eight tactics to reach their target audience. However, in 2015 the average number of tactics employed by content marketers increased to 12 by foreseeing that number going up, with mobile content, video, research reports, and virtual conferences seeing the largest increases.

      2. Micro stories
      Customer-brand online is built on trust. To build trust and loyalty, the social media marketing experts say brands will need to focus on smaller stories within their overall content strategy to show there is value to the customer right up front. Today’s online consumers are inundated with marketing messages and advertising ploys.

      3. Increased Budgets
      Budget cuts? Not when it comes to content marketing! On average in 2015, 55% of a company’s marketing budget was spent on content marketing (increasing 12% from 2014) and this year for 2015 spending is still on the rise. In fact, more than half of all content marketers say their budgets will increase over the next 12 months.

      4. Gamification
      Games are not just for kids anymore. According to content strategy experts, content marketers are using gamification to create sticky content customers want to engage with. As audiences become more jaded by Internet marketing and need greater incentive to interact with brand online, creative content strategy that provides entertainment, reward and learning qualities will prove to be a vital differentiator.

      5. Teamwork
      No matter what industry you’re in, each member of your organization has a role and a set of qualities that are needed to make operations run smoothly and stay ahead of the competition – and each member is a content strategy resource. Last year content marketers looked to guest bloggers, thought leaders and collaboration with research firms for content creation. So next time you need an article highlighting how your company’s software is changing the face of your industry be sure to ask an engineer for help!

      6. Community-Driven Content
      Content marketers produce different types of content creation strategies for a number of reasons, one of which is to address the pain points of customers. Now with near real-time conversations via social media, article comments and forums, it’s easier than ever to know what tough questions need answering. As the demand for interactive, timely and ever-evolving content strategy is on the rise, we will see more content marketers taking direction from customers.

      7. More Social Media!
      Social networks are expanding by the number of users, as well as the number of individual sites, faster than most can keep up with. In 2015 alone we witnessed some astounding milestones – the total number of people using social networks had increased 35% in a short six months from late 2014 to now, and we saw the sky rocketing success of super-social network, Pinterest, which became fastest site in history to break through the 13 million unique user mark! Social media will continue to play a vital role in content marketing strategies and act as an invaluable vehicle for content distribution as the demand for real-time content increases among audiences.

      8. New Roles Develop
      Content Strategist, Data Specialists, Social Business Manager… does your business have one? If not, these new positions will be opening up in marketing departments around the globe. As the need to fill the gap between companies and online consumers grows, more specialized roles centered on content creation, consumer relations and online marketing will continue to emerge.

      9. Employee Labeling
      who better to promote your company, product or service online than those who know it best – your employees! Although some corporations are weary of employees expressing connection with their organization online for fear of negative comments and unfavorable brand image, employee branding is looked upon to be a huge player in the social arena this year. Many times employee enthusiasm and loyalty to their company is a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered. Be sure to first establish guidelines highlighting a few simple do’s and don’ts for social sharing.

      So, is your content marketing team ready?


      Nancy Defilippis