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      4 min read

      Today’s Crisis Triggers the Next Revolution in Field Service

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      This blog was written by Robert Gillette. Throughout his career, Mr. Gillette has maintained responsibility for P&L and revenue growth for all presales, post-sales, and service delivery operations. Most recently, Robert served as Vice President of Customer Support for an OEM line of precision HVAC/R products for the IT Data Center and Indoor Agriculture (cannabis) markets.

      In a recent LinkedIn article, I shared my thoughts on how service delivery will change in a post-COVID-19 world. Among the many topics that we continue to discuss is the digital transformation of the field service world. Many field service organizations (FSOs) have stretched above and beyond what even the most forward-thinking and progressive service leaders have predicted. This begs the question, what enabling technologies are the service leaders able to leverage today to meet the new reality? Also, what will be needed in the future to address the next crisis?

      I recently got together with my friends at Mize and discussed how FSOs could leverage Mize’s Connected Customer Experience Platform and SmartBlox to meet their immediate and future needs. Mize has designed a solution that evolves with an FSO’s needs allowing service leaders to focus on service instead of trying to make the platform work. While I was VP of Customer Support at STULZ USA we had started our digital transformation. Mize’s platform was one of the enabling technologies we were evaluating for adoption. Taking another look at Mize in recent days with a COVID-19 perspective has enabled me to see how Mize’s approach is on the right track. Mize allows the ability to evolve with you and will allow you to tailor the platform to meet your service needs.

      Touchless Service Experience

      Like many of my colleagues, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how to provide a 100% touchless Field Service experience. In some situations, as we have seen during the pandemic, access to the equipment or facility may be cut off to protect vulnerable individuals. FSOs who can quickly pivot to remote troubleshooting and repair assistance will be the big winners here. There are some critical applications needed to enable a remote support infrastructure, and Mize makes it easy:

      I can speak from personal experience when I say many OEMs have been on the sidelines watching these technologies develop. Many have been unwilling to invest. Is COVID-19 the catalyst that will trigger the technology revolution in the Field Service industry? Is this the moment OEMs and service organizations will win the internal budget battles and receive the funding they need to implement these emerging technologies? I think so!

      Collaboration is Critical

      From my perspective, the technology vendors who can quickly position themselves to provide the strongest value proposition for service organizations embracing an omni-channel approach to service delivery are going to win big. Now is the time for complementary technologies to form collaboration agreements and present turn-key solutions to the industry. Field Service leaders will consider technology platforms that enable remote support, facilitate an omni-channel approach, and enable collaboration between all stakeholders and corporate systems of record.

      The Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox from Mize connect Customers, Channel Partners, Manufacturers, and Suppliers to enhance service interactions on all channels and generate higher margin revenues from the loyal customer base.  CX Connect is an integration platform based on a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) that provides a standardized framework, components, and connectors to integrate Mize Connected Customer Experience software with other enterprise applications.

      As the former VP of Customer Support for a global OEM, I can speak from firsthand experience how difficult it is to manage the integration of technology into service operations. OEMs are good at building equipment, not information systems. Therefore technology vendors must make this process as simple and as painless as possible.

      A Time for Action

      COVID-19 is changing virtually every aspect of our lives. Field Service organizations are not exempt. Now is the time to begin planning your organization’s post-COVID-19 service delivery channels. Now is the time to start the conversations with your customers and partners and start making the right investments to protect your team and your revenue streams.

      Mize offers solutions that address the service challenges and opportunities created by the current environment and position your company for future growth.  Please Contact Mize if you have any further questions or want to discuss how you can enable your team and all stakeholders to deliver the service experience that your customers expect.

      I leave you with this thought. The technologies that emerge as the next big thing in the Field Service industry may not even exist yet. It is the challenges we face that spur innovation, and COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge the world has faced in my lifetime. We have already seen extraordinary creativity and ingenuity occur around the globe, and let’s see what tomorrow brings.



      Robert Gillette