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      1 min read

      Connect – Engage – Help Your Customers

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      In today’s competitive market, customers demand professional support whenever and wherever they need help. Businesses also expect their support teams to work within multiple systems and quickly utilize various processes; all of which create barriers for customer to effectively obtain support for their products and services.

      To combat these issues, brands should focus on streamlining the support process by providing a single point of entry for customers. With the dawn of mobile apps and web portals, support can be provided at any time in any situation. 

      Mobilizing support allows you to:

      • Create, manage, and monitor support requests in real-time
      • Minimize data entry by retrieving customer and product information automatically
      • Increase the cross functional usage of Services, Resources, and Solution
      • Consolidate the Support Data Sources and improve the quality of the data (inbound / outbound)
      • Provide better analytics and reporting throughout the organization 

      Benefits to both the Consumer and Support Team:


      • Enhances product ownership and customer experience
      • Eliminates queues and frustration associated with call centers providing a call-now access feature on mobile apps
      • Empowers customers for self-service through the Support solution web portal
      • Enables faster resolution to support and service issues by connecting internal systems and teams 

      Support Team

      • Gains efficiency, speed, and value in customer service operations
      • Results in satisfied customers and improved Net Promoter Score
      • Lowers cost of support and service per customer
      • Decreases reliance on call center agents by providing 24/7 self-service

      Erin Nelson