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      Brand Loyalty by Connected Customer Experience

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      To a company, each has heightened concern about brand loyalty. Across all durable goods categories, time to market has hastened, providing customers more options. Churn is real – organizations must be prepared to protect their turf while gaining opportunistic market share.

      Brand loyalty by Connected Customer Experience encompasses everyone and every point involved in keeping your product functioning as built. Successful service lifecycle management is key to the connected experience – manufacturer, third-party contractor, technician, and the customer. How companies leverage technology to support, connect, and inform these parties will create the customer experience and ultimately affect brand loyalty.

      Field Service Management often frustrates consumers. They don’t know or understand how much of the work they believe is contracted through a manufacturer is done by third parties, dispatched using outdated systems that offer little control over the outcome and the consumer experience. These contractors are at a disadvantage from a knowledge perspective, leading to OEMs risking further erosion of loyalty every time a customer’s service needs aren’t met. Automated systems exist to manage service better, including OEM process-configured software that extends current and consistent information to their third-party service provider base.

      The shift is on with OEMs adopting digital infrastructures that power a blended workforce of technicians that combine factory technicians and third-party providers. To do this, they deploy tools enabling real-time optimization of service schedules that increase job visibility and make the process smoother for providers. These solutions also allow technicians to be more informed before arriving on-site, enabling them to be more attuned to the consumer’s needs.

      However, workforce management is only one step in the process. Brands increasingly realize they must close the information loop, connecting services companies and technicians to consumers, through self-service portals, to improve the experience for customers and streamline communications. These provide real-time visibility into projected technician arrival times that are narrower than the traditional four-hour and eight-hour windows. Portals put customer engagement at the forefront, making it easy for them to see the overall progress of a service incident and communicate directly with technicians. Consumers can even use the portal to pay for services.

      The Connected Customer Experience applies to consumer expectations – they now prefer and expect advanced self-service capabilities. They desire a real-time, up-to-date information loop that supports self-service when needed and an extended services network giving them more control while enabling companies to deliver a more consistent experience. Customer portals are proven to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS), a significant variable considering that 80 percent of brands rate customer experience as the most significant factor in differentiating from their competition.

      Providing these capabilities is critical, as companies face increasing scrutiny when they fail to deliver a seamless user experience. With so much riding on customer service, brands and their warranty partners are taking a closer look at their services infrastructures and investing in disrupting the status quo. Progressive companies must deploy people-focused solutions, and technology-enabled – service organizations of the future will continue to be technician-centric, with techs equipped to work more collaboratively, and more engaged.

      Mize provides this Connected Customer Experience. Have a look at this cloud-based process configured integrated system’s capabilities.

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      Tim Nissen

      Tim Nissen has built companies through marketing in categories including technology, manufacturing, energy, commercial real estate and business services.