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      16 min read

      Webinar: Winning Strategies in Customer Experience Management

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      Nowadays, people trust recommendations from their friends far more than those they receive from third-party sources. The reach and speed of a single recommendation, particularly when expressed through social media channels, can be either immensely damaging or promotional for a brand.

      TWebinar: Winning Strategies in Customer Experience Managementoday’s digitally connected consumers are far more vocal about their negative experiences than their positive ones - with poor customer service as the top reason for customer dissatisfaction and one of the top two factors leading to customer churn or loss.

      More times than not, peer recommendations are driven by customer experience. Managing that customer experience requires attention and diligence into current customer sentiment. Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions provide critical insights and answers for brands to improve conversion and customer retention.

      CEM is the collection of processes a company uses to drive, manage, and unify every interaction between a customer and brand throughout the customer lifecycle. The ultimate purpose of CEM is to foster customer loyalty and therefore, increase retention and advocacy. To manage the customer experience, companies need to create a strategy that encompasses all customer touchpoints.

      Complimentary Webinar

      Register for Webinar | Download Whitepaper & Infographic

      In our upcoming webinar, we’ll go into detail about the best strategies to succeed in Customer Experience Management (CEM).

      This complimentary 60-minute webinar will feature best practices shared by over 180 organizations that have been able to drive the most out of their Customer Experience Management initiatives. The top 30 best-in-class companies have realized:

      • 80% or greater levels of customer satisfaction
      • 80% or greater levels of customer retention
      • Revenue growth over the previous 12 months (average revenue growth amounted to 14%)

      This webinar will share how leading companies have used Customer Experience Management to drive customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy, and growth.

      When is it?

      Day: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 

      Time: 1:00 PM EST – 2:00 PM EST


      • Sumair Dutta, Chief Customer Officer of The Service Council
      • Dr. Phil Hendrix, Director of immr and Analyst GigaOm Pro
      • Brooks Cutter, Program Manager at m-ize

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      How do I sign up?

      To reserve your spot in the webinar (spaces are limited) click on the button below:

      Register for Webinar | Download Whitepaper & Infographic

      Or click this link to register:

      The attendees to the webinar will receive a complimentary whitepaper “Customer Experience Management: Strategies to Succeed” from The Service Council, a leading research and advisory firm that supports an exclusive community of Services, Services Logistics, Customer Experience, Field Service and Customer Satisfaction Executives representing global, industry-leading, service-centric organizations.

      Information presented in this webinar will be beneficial to all executives responsible for improving customer experience.

       Participants of this webinar will learn best practices to:

      • Acquire a single view of the customer
      • Understand the customer journey and customer efforts to get the job done
      • Enhance the customer journey using feedback and analytics
      • Listen, learn, collaborate, and engage

       Register for Webinar | Download Whitepaper & Infographic

      If you have any questions please contact Bruce Burke for information:


      Erin Nelson