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      4 min read

      Real-Time vs. Right-Time: Engaging Social and Mobile Consumers

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      Everyone seems to be asking the same question these days; “How do I engage today’s disengaged consumers?”  Present-day mobile and social consumers don’t watch television shows during standard broadcast hours, they don’t read newspapers, and they surely don’t listen to the radio.  Modern consumers get breaking news, in the minute, from social media networks instead of waiting for the nightly 7:00 PM broadcast.  

      How to reach today's disengaged consumers

      Contemporary consumers get their lifestyle information from their web-only media properties like Mashable, TechCrunch, and The Next Web.  They also listen to music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio without commercial interruption for entertainment.

      Everyone wants to reach these mobile and social consumers.  But what they don’t understand is that they need to make the connection not only in real-time, but also at the right-time.   Reaching out to a consumer, sending a message or an offer to them via mobile or social is great. 

      Thumbs down on irrelevant brand messages

      However, if it’s not sent at the proper time or in the proper context it will be ignored and deleted, ending up unread in the trash.  Too many marketers are sending out irrelevant messages, wasting their resources and offending receivers with untargeted communications.

      Right now you’re saying to yourself, “Yes, I need to be relevant and provide more personalized messages to my customers and potentials." You're asking yourself questions like; "How do I transform my organization from the traditional marketing that we’ve used successfully for years on end?  How do I modernize my efforts and engage today’s consumers without doing a complete overhaul of my systems and processes?  How do I keep engaging traditional consumers, including them while we’re engaging these contemporary consumers?”

      How do I engage today's mobile and social consumers?

      Smarter Customer Engagement is the key that unlocks the door to today's consumers. Smarter Customer Engagement isn’t just another marketing buzzword; it’s a combination of principles, best practices, methods and techniques that have consistently shown results superior to those achieved with traditional means.  Additionally Smarter Customer Engagement continues to evolve as we get better at what we do, and get closer to consumers than ever before.

      Explaining Concepts   Product 360 resized 600

      But rather than trying to provide a definitive explanation of Smarter Customer Engagement in this short post.  I’ll illuminate it by describing the philosophies that support the principles and practices of Smarter Customer Engagement.

      Customer-Centricity: Is a style of customer relationship management that focuses on customer preferences, rather than customer leverage.  This is a nascent sub-discipline of traditional customer relationship management, to take advantage of recent advances in communication technologies. 

      Features of Customer-Centric Relationship Management (CCRM) include:

      • Tailored Marketing
      • One-To-One Customer Service
      • Retaining Customers
      • Building Brand Loyalty
      • Providing Information That Customers Want

      Transforming and becoming more “customer-centric” means being able to manage critical relationships more effectively and being positioned to offer new and expanded services.

      Customer Centricity Enables Smarter Customer Engagement resized 600

      Intent Driven:  Moving away from keyword search and focusing on a consumer’s underlying intent is a massive paradigm shift.  It radically simplifies campaigns and enables brands to address consumer queries in a significantly more relevant way.  Our technology and platform services will help transform how brands reach consumers on web, mobile and other intent-rich channels.

      Unified Delivery:  While each digital touchpoint represents a new and distinct way to engage with customers, the discipline of customer experience tells us that we cannot treat each as an island.  Customers expect a consistent experience across touchpoints and channels when they engage with your brand. 

      Happy Mobile Users Through Unified User Experience resized 600

      Following are a few key points, leaders of CRM, web, mobile, and digital experience delivery initiatives must keep in mind to deliver unified digital experiences:

      Often, in the rush to get onboard with the next big thing, brands invest in technology, skills, and organizational structures that create silos.  Brands with solid digital experience delivery success note that they’re constantly reinforcing the unified digital experience vision and avoid creating additional silos.

      Unified Experience Leads To More Satisfied Consumers resized 600

      All the new digital touchpoints provide more information about your customers than CRM systems know what to do with. While personalization has largely focused on delivering the right information to the right person at the right time, contextualization allows you to take advantage of location, motion, social behavior, and even sentiment to engage in more relevant manners.

      Back-office architectures that are built on systems of record just won’t cut it in a digital world requiring engagement.  Engagement requires a greater focus on software design—to help deliver consistency across touchpoints and channels. 

      Happy Users From Unified Solutions resized 600

      Engagement also requires development skills to cultivate analytics (using predictive analytics) into delivery tiers, integrate across channels and with back-end systems, taking advantage of context provided natively in smart devices used by consumers.

      In summary Smarter Customer Engagement requires the right tools as well as the proper posture and positioning by brands interested in deploying these tools and concepts.  

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      Bruce Burke