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      4 min read

      Three Imperatives for Today: Mobilize, Socialize & Personalize

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      If your life is anything like mine you face a daily torrent of information; emails, phone calls, text messages, notifications, status updates, tweets, videos, gifs, and of course requests to play Farmville. 

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      Information seems to come at me from every angle, most of it providing little value for my day to day life.  If I had to guesstimate; I’d say I delete about 96% of the email I receive.  Lately I’ve been on a cleanup binge, and have been unsubscribing rather than just deleting unwanted messages. 

      If you poll other consumers their numbers may not be as drastic as mine.  But they’ll tell you how swamped they are by their daily deluge.  As consumers become more inundated they are seeking solutions that provide them with the information they need, when and where they need it. 

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      There is a growing demand from consumers for contextual content and hyper-relevant information.  We’ve graduated from being an on-demand world ...  We expect our needs to be anticipated so that just-in-time information is supplied to us - when we need it, when we're ready …

      As I’ve come to expect more germane information, I’ve also come to expect it to be delivered to me in smaller amounts.  As the information is not intended for everyone, I don’t need any info that doesn’t apply to me.  

      Streamlined resized 600

      I now expect impertinent data to stripped away - the wheat separated from the chaff.

      My ideal scenario is a stream of data that’s fed to me as I am ready to deal with it. 

      • Emails are served up as I have the time to read, and if necessary, respond to them. 

      • Updates are downloaded automatically when I’m not using my machine or smart device.

      • Machines would sense free time, and suggest my availability to those wishing to interact.

      Recently I was selected to become one of the first Glass Explorers in the Google Glass project.  This device has changed my thinking about what a mobile device is.  Glass has pressed me to decide what incoming emails are important to me, and what contacts are on my short list. 

      Google Glass Explorer Edition resized 600
      I’ve also had to make decisions about the variety and frequency of notifications I receive.  Just the basics like sports scores and weather conditions can be jangling if they arrive too frequently or at inopportune moments.  

      Now I know not everyone is faced with this pressing need to minimize incoming information as I am.  I’m providing an extreme example to illustrate and make a point --- In order for big data to be effective we have to personalize it …

      Smartphones and Tablets resized 600

      Today’s smartphones, phablets, and tablets are laden with sensors that can track our every move.  Front facing cameras know when we look away, pausing content playback until we refocus on the interface. 

      New generation devices include built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers.  A gyroscope allows devices to automatically change image orientation by rotation of the device.  An accelerometer, on the other hand, senses device vibration or tracks acceleration. 

      modern technology media 43292620 (1) resized 600Bluetooth allows a bevy of peripherals to be connected, phones and other hardware act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS tracks our path and NFC allows us to transfer info from one unit to another.  Still other devices include infrared capabilities that let you control all your other electronic gizmos from across the room.

      These sensor-laden devices can generate more information for you to deal with; or the information can be used to further simplify your lifestyle.  At mize we’ve developed new ways to aggregate sensor data, with consumer preferences, current surroundings and individual social graphs to provide a better experience for users. 

      Resulting in a more finely-tuned product discovery, well-balanced evaluations, simplified purchasing, and a greatly improved product ownership experience.  Trusted friends and brands are at your fingertips when you need them, but out of the way when other duties call. 

      Man at home using smartphone resized 600

      Advice, recommendations, ratings and reviews are available from friends and experts. Information concerning only those products that meet your criteria is displayed.  Registration, warranty, service and maintenance records are available to you and product support teams when they’re necessary. 

      We safeguard all this information in our secure cloud platform, utilizing it in smart-social ways to deliver more intimate ownership, intensified advocacy, as well as a rewarding brand experience which nurtures loyalty and repeated purchases.

      Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment concerning mize Smarter Customer Engagement and Smart Blox capabilities.


      Bruce Burke