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      3 min read

      Fastest Way to Deliver Smarter Customer Engagement

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      Gartner in its latest findings said that the public cloud market is forecast to grow by more than 18 percent worldwide in 2013, amounting to $131 billion, up from $111 billion in 2012.  

      We couldn’t agree more with Gartner, we’re big advocates of cloud-based solutions. Here at mize we are growing one of the most dynamic and flexible mobile services architectures through a set of modules that live in the cloud, we’ve christened them - Smart Blox.

      Smart Blox Elements

      Smart Blox are a combination of elements, installed and configured to fulfill objectives and strategies of brands, OEMs, retailers and service providers.  All Smart Blox are pre-integrated with other modules and the mize platform.  

      All blocks interconnect with the service platform and other unique components of the ecosystem in order to provide a cohesive set of services and enable bi-lateral communication between all the various mechanisms.


      Smart Blox Benefit Brands, OEMs, Retailers & Service Providers


      Smart Blox modules each provide a feature set of services that address a common need of sales, marketing or service functions of an organization.  

      Capabilities of Smart Blox include; mobile product catalog, product registration, multi-channel messaging, location based services, social brand sentiment, customer polls & surveys and loyalty/reward solutions.


      Smart Blox - Smarter Customer Engagement


      This is just the tip of the iceberg; mize’s portfolio of Smart Blox is growing as we continue to build a diverse and comprehensive set of modules that target the most complex needs related to Smarter Customer Engagement.

      Smart Blox offer the 80/20 advantage to clients.  As the platform is in place and the modules necessary to complete tasks and routines are established, only configuration and customization for individual client’s requirements is necessary.  

      Following consultation, modules are selected to meet organizational strategy; they are quickly implemented and configured. Look and feel as well as other customizations is executed, resulting in accelerated time to market. 


      Smart Blox - The Fastest and Easiest Way to Deliver Smarter Customer Engagement


      Smart Blox in combination with mize cloud services provide a converged infrastructure that integrates computing, storage, and network capabilities.  Featuring fast setup, scalability, and improved performance, the Smart Blox solution is one whose time has come.

      Meeting the Demands of the Marketplace

      As entire industries rush headfirst into the mobile marketplace enterprise clients require time-sensitive and individualized solutions to meet rapidly-increasing service requirements through fast and flexible deployments.  Smart Blox also ensure efficient operation of key applications through services, including backup, live migration, customized services, and distributed storage engines.

      Architected to effectively deliver rich native experiences across multiple platforms, Smart Blox have the ability to provide engaging mobile applications that reflect your brand identity using this module based approach. Our integrated web based tools can manage the entire life cycle of mobile business.


      Smart Blox enables enterprise to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty


      Using mize Smart Blox you can mobilize, socialize, market, manage and monetize your products and services.  Our robust SaaS based cloud platform is built for constant innovation, scalability and performance. Its flexibility allows us to create custom solutions for your industry specific use cases as you need them.


      Smart Blox Elements Include Customer Engagement Interface, Cloud-Based Web Services, Brand Orchestation, Enterprise Integration and Data Analyticsmize fully understands the needs and challenges of brands in mobile deployment. We know that in addition to satisfying customer needs and service requirements based on speed, a reliable and unified management platform is required to ensure the efficient operation of core services. 

      We believe our Smart Blox business model answers the needs of today’s marketplace, it is the most efficient and authoritative solutions available for the rollout of Smarter Customer Engagement solutions.

      Brands, retailers and service providers can leverage Smart Blox from mize. Our experts can get you started with an assessment of your current state of adoption concerning Smarter Customer Engagement. We’ll provide an implementation roadmap which details the strategies necessary to become a smarter brand.


      Learn More About Smarter Customer Engagement Solutions

      Bruce Burke