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      2 min read

      In the Rearview Mirror: A Leading Automobile Warranty and Service Conference Recap

      A recap of MAPconnected, A Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Conference

      I had the privilege of moderating the recent MAPConnected Vehicle Lifecycle and Warranty Conference. Being the conference moderator offered several distinct advantages. I observed audience attention and participation during the presentations, plus I had the opportunity to ask the tough questions on everyone’s minds. Here is a short recap of my experience.

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      Mike Roberts

      Mike Roberts worked for Ford Motor Company for over 33 years. During his career with Ford, he worked with Ford and Lincoln dealerships in 4 different regions of the U.S., assisting with customer service activities and helping dealers in their warranty administration. Mike is a member of the Automotive Industry Actions Group (AIAG), an instructor for AIAG (CQI-14 Warranty Management and Warranty 101), and does frequent warranty benchmarking within the industry as President of MRI.