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      3 min read

      Modernizing Warranty Management Systems: IT Department's Role in Building a Streamlined Service Lifecycle

      As manufacturers focus on the benefits of modernization and the competitive advantage it creates, the IT department has gained an increasingly important seat at the table when it comes to the organization’s strategy and direction. If anyone is focused on the digital future, it’s the people tasked with keeping IT systems going, troubleshooting and heading off problems before they become catastrophes, and ensuring that customers—both internal and external—are satisfied.

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      2 min read

      Manage Warranty Entitlements

      Managing warranty entitlements is vital for manufacturers to gain control of warranty reserves and claims. Entitlement management involves administration, tracking, and enforcement of policies, coverage terms, expiration dates, and claim reimbursements.

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      Gary Serbousek

      Gary Serbousek has over 15 years of experience related to warranty and service software for verticals including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Consumer Electronics, and Home. As a senior product manager for Mize, he is responsible for understanding customer needs and providing direction for adding new innovations.