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      3 min read

      Product Protection Plan Sales Remained on a Plateau in 2019

      Eric Arnum is the editor of Warranty Week, an online newsletter for warranty management professionals. Since 2003, Eric Arnum has been publishing reports on product warranties, extended warranties, and claims rates in various industries. Warranty Week has gained a broad following among manufacturers, retailers, servicers, and insurance professionals.

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      8 min read

      National Commercial Service Contract Association - A forum to address key service industry issues

      Commercial Service Contract Association:

      Industry leaders have launched a new trade association for commercial service contracts, with the inaugural meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. But unlike with product warranties, extended warranties, and protection plans aimed at the buyers of consumer goods, the boundaries of the commercial service contract industry are not as sharply defined.

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      8 min read

      Service Contract Market Size - Research Report 2018

      Service Contract Market Size:

      There are signs that the market is topping out at current levels, although home warranty sales continue to soar. Other types of protection plans, such as vehicle service contracts, mobile phone insurance, and extended warranties for brown and white goods, are no longer growing like they used to, though jewelry and furniture protection programs showed slight growth.

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      4 min read

      Five Apple iOS 11 capabilities to enhance Field Service

      Apple iOS 11 release this week on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is a major leap forward and includes many features to enhance user experience further. These five capabilities will have the most impact on how businesses deliver field service and support the customers. 

      1. Augmented Reality 
      2. Machine Learning on the device
      3. Siri extensions for Apps
      4. Business Chat using iMessage
      5. Direct QR and Bar Code scanning

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      10 min read

      Mize Inc. released latest version of its Service Contracts Management Solution

      The new Mize offering is aimed at manufacturers engaging in the business-to-business sale of commercial service contracts.

      This week, Mize Inc. released the latest version of its Service Contracts Management solution at the Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations Conference in Nashville.

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