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      2 min read

      Solve Technician Inefficiencies with a Field Service Management Solution

      Field service technicians face a near impossible challenge – they need to keep productivity high, costs low, and tackle administrative tasks that eat away at their time. Empowering the workforce now depends on more than just training; a connected field service management solution is the best way to make technicians more efficient, empower them to solve the problem correctly the first time, and control costs that can easily spiral without the right solution in place.

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      2 min read

      Protect and grow Service Parts Sales

      During the COVID-19 driven stay-at-home guidelines, eCommerce sites such as, Instacart, and Walmart have seen massive sales growth as everyone turns to online shopping to more safely fulfill their needs. Manufacturers and their distributor and dealer networks can also leverage Parts eCommerce capabilities to sell spares, accessories, and consumables.

      Here are ten things that Service Parts Management experts at Mize have identified to protect and grow your service parts sales and profits. 

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      Ashok Kartham

      As the CEO and Founder of Mize, Ashok is a thought leader in the industry. Skilled in Software Lifecycle Management, mobile applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Business Intelligence, he shares in-depth knowledge with our readers.