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      2 min read

      A Peer’s View: Unifying Warranty Management through Customer Self Service

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      Manufacturers are saddled with multiple legacy systems that seem like they’ve been with the company from its concept. Some may have…

      Product warranty structures have become increasingly complex over the years. The processes and networks engaging have expanded, outgrowing infrastructure that may have gotten the company by in previous times as the costs for warranty management continue to rise, with potential revenue from this channel often going uncaptured. The culprit: lack of visibility – from both company and customer vantages – due to these system’s disparate, disconnected status. That’s costly. So too are the employee costs associated with every step of warranty service processing. These days, customers are growing increasingly comfortable with self-service. Why not integrate portals that allow them this ability?

      Drobo, a manufacturer of data storage products for SMB organizations, found themselves in this state. What caught their attention to this problem was an in-house systems audit that identified multiple CRM systems for their call center, registration, warranty entitlements, and Return Material Authorization (RMA) operations. ​Innocently enough, these accumulated over the years, though these legacy systems lacked efficiency (and visibility), resulting in higher costs​ reoccurring.

      Among their difficulties included RMAs requiring too much manual entry​, and duplicate records being updated and maintained separately in both CRM and RMA systems. Additionally, all required system fields having to be keyed to process correctly, even if they weren’t relevant. Drobo’s staff had to have a hand in every step of each process; no customer self-help portal was available. Ultimately, their business rules had grown too complex to manage and update for ongoing efficiency.

      After an industry search for a single solution system to automate end-to-end warranty program management, Drobo selected Mize.

      The Mize solution focused on a Connected Customer Experience, enabling Drobo’s global customer service and technical support teams to collaborate, and deliver a superior owner experience. ​

      Components of Mize’s custom configuration for Drobo’s specific environment includes:

      • Customer Portal: Allowing customers to initiate support​ directly, without costly service department interactions
      • KnowledgeCustomers can DIY their issues quickly through this comprehensive information repository, ending time and frustration, while reducing call center demand
      • RegistrationThe on-ramp to smarter customer engagement, this function brings all warranty parties together, to register plans, notify customers and alert insurance underwriter​s
      • Plansautomating the offering of a variety of innovative service plans, significantly increasing service revenue ​
      • SupportAllows customers to manage their support requests, routing, tracking, and resolution​, all from their desktop and mobile devices.

      This strategic Mize move by Drobo is proving beneficial, streamlining all customer support and service processes. The results: reducing call time and Call Center costs, increasing service productivity ​with faster resolution time (much of this is resulting from automation of customer self-service capabilities). The revenue advantage: improving Service Contract Attachment and Renewal Rates, increasing service revenue, and higher profit margins in what was once a cost center.


      Tim Nissen

      Tim Nissen has built companies through marketing in categories including technology, manufacturing, energy, commercial real estate and business services.