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      3 min read

      5 Ways to Improve Warranty Communications

      When processing warranty claims, Warranty Processors and Service Providers resort to Emails, Phone calls, and even Fax to exchange information about the Claims. Streamlining the communications and data exchange benefits all stakeholders:

      • Save time and improve efficiencies in claims processing
      • Improve the dealer and customer satisfaction
      • Improves the quality of the claims data
      • Prevent or reduce unnecessary calls

      Here are five ways to improve communications between dealers or service centers and manufacturers.

      1. Keep all communication in one place with the Claim 

      It is time-consuming to track all communication if you have to go to different places such as email or file folders and spend time looking for information related to a claim. Track all activity regarding the Claim including emails, comments, and attachments as an activity feed arranged in a simple timeline view. All communication can be accessed with a single click while reviewing a claim.


      2. Image annotation 

      Attaching pictures to support claims has become common with web warranty systems. You can further improve the value of the images by allowing annotation of the images. By allowing ubiquitous mobile devices to take pictures and add an annotated version directly to the claims, will save time and help with claim review and decision-making process.


      3. Notifications with Email, Push, SMS text

      Ability to send emails, text or push notifications helps to alert users who are not logged into the system. e.g., when you need additional information from a claim submitter, you can simply put the claim in Need Info status with reason code and the user will be alerted via email.

      When a return is needed, the shipping labels from carriers such as UPS or FedEx can be automatically generated and sent via email notification to reduce the time to return and increase the return percentage.


      4. Smart Panel to show related information

      When a claim is being entered or reviewed, there is a need to see related information. A Smart panel that can show contextual and related information without leaving the claim being processed improves the efficiencies. E.g., When a claim has multiple errors, you see all the errors together in the smart panel instead of having to go through the whole claim form. The smart panel can also show important information about the product such as warranty entitlements, open service bulletins, and service history to augment the claim information.


      5. Ability to easily search, access and export data 

      Most of the unnecessary calls can be avoided by making it easy to access claim status and payment data. Capabilities such as enabling the simple search for any warranty data, having a work queue of claims that require some action, and allowing export to CSV/Excel to process offline enhances the self-service.

      By allowing this data to be accessible from the web or any mobile device reduces the number of interruptions and allows Warranty processors to focus on reviewing the important claims rather than spending time on answering queries which can be fulfilled by the system.


      Mize Warranty Management Solution enables you to improve warranty communications and be more efficient in managing claims. The communication features can be a cloud-based add-on to even existing claims systems.

      Request a demo now to learn how you can improve warranty communications and claim processing efficiencies.


      Eric Marlan

      Eric Marlan, a Senior Product Manager with Mize, manages the product roadmap for the Mize Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox modules focused on the areas of Registration, Warranty, Parts, Service Plans, Support, Field Service, and Knowledge.