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      2 min read

      Top Three Trends Noted by Field Service Technicians Today

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      Here are 3 field service trends today, projecting to have legs for tomorrow. To see what field service digital transformation’s possible today, request a demo of Mize’s Field Service Management system.

      Safety Matters More Than Ever

      This is true on two fronts: your employees and your customers.

      With employees focused on their safety and that of their family and friends, it’s imperative they feel well-protected from viral infection. This extends through your disaster recovery planning, though it needs to be conveyed clearly and thoroughly to ensure they’re at ease in the workplace and on the job sites. Comprehensive safety programs are a continuous development reality and revenue well-allocated. Technician and service support staff availability is at stake, along with retention and recruitment success.

      Customers need to be confident a field technician coming into their home or business is backed by a company’s service organization committed to protecting their safety. Responsible PPE and disinfection processes is a component, but communication puts people at ease. Relaying safety practices regularly to customers, including information regarding who will be arriving on-site and what protocol they’ll follow, is essential now.

      Accelerated Digital Transformation

      Most service organizations have been undergoing digital transformation during the last several years. They’re finding they’re better positioned to quickly build upon their efforts to react to new and challenging field circumstances. Servitization objectives have spurred their advancements; the pandemic’s effect has prioritized gaining digital efficiencies.

      Companies’ long-held manual or multi-system service processes, while comfortable in familiarity, are becoming increasingly costly. As internal knowledge resources retire from the workforce, and legacy system knowledge leaves the building, maintenance becomes untenable, single-system consolidation becomes the path forward. A cloud-based platform configured to a company’s specific needs, mobile-accessible and flexible for future additions, grows with an organization, locally and globally.

      Service is a Remote Operation

      Much of service occurs remotely; now administrative, support, and customer service staff are also working safely from wherever they’re able. This provides the need for knowledge access for everyone involved.

      Having real-time accuracy and mobile accessibility has become a standard need for every field service organization. This is facilitated through a single cloud-based portal. A company’s techs, partner provider’s service teams, and possibly even customers where DIY is an option, obtain the information they need. It provides authorized and approved independent service providers with access to resources that make field service functional: service manuals, 2D/3D catalogs, service bulletins, AR/MR, guided solutions, interactive schematics, video conferencing, and training videos. The system will reduce the number of calls to technical support centers and the length of hold times that technicians experience. While improving customer experience and building revenue-generating brand loyalty, it immediately removes cost from service initiatives.

      To see what field service digital transformation’s possible today, request a demo of Mize’s Field Service Management system.


      Tim Nissen

      Tim Nissen has built companies through marketing in categories including technology, manufacturing, energy, commercial real estate and business services.