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      Mize assessment helps companies enhance the customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle.

      Mize provides end-to-end service lifecycle interaction coverage that connects all value chain participants by:
      • Measuring the effectiveness and value of customer interactions
      • Identifying new ways to engage customers at all touchpoints across multiple channels
      • Building a compelling case and ROI for improving customer experiences
      • Charting implementation road maps for new customer journeys.

      Assessment Process

      Our process involves consultation with business leaders, customer experience delivery professionals, channel management, and the IT team to evaluate and design the customer journey.


      8 Key Questions

      The answers to these eight key questions will indicate how you can make it easier for customers to do business with your company.

      Customer Key Questions
      1. How do customers interact with the company throughout the lifecycle of the relationship?

      2. What are customer’s expectations, wants, and needs at each touchpoint?

      3. What channels do customers prefer to use to achieve their desired outcome?

      4. What emotions motivate customers to progress to the next stage?

      5. How are prospects converted into customers and customers into advocates?

      6. How is customer experience measured during interactions at each touchpoint?

      7. What are the gaps or disconnects between interactions?

      8. How can areas that have a significant impact on customers or the company be improved?


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