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      ABOUT US

      Focused on Customer Success

      Mize Mission

      To OPTIMIZE the service experience and MAXIMIZE value by connecting the
      service lifecycle.


      We do this by providing a cloud-based solution focused on post-sale service processes, which extend from product purchase to end-of-life.

      Our Company Vision

      The Mize vision is to be the Leader in Service Lifecycle Management by delivering amazing experiences and value at every customer touchpoint in a connected world. 


      Mize and Syncron have united to create a Services Lifecycle Management powerhouse. Together we will deliver innovative solutions that will give manufacturers a competitive edge.

      Join us on our continued journey, making an impact for our customers, working with great teams and building a force to be reckoned with!


      Partner Program

      Since our inception, we’ve sought exceptional partners – technology providers, system integrators, or referring resellers.

      Mize History

      Ashok Kartham founded Mize in 2012 to create a Connected Customer Experience platform for durable goods manufacturers. Previously, Ashok Kartham founded 4CS, a leading Warranty and Service Lifecycle Management acquired by PTC.

      Mize is headquartered in Tampa, FL, and established a software development center in Hyderabad, India, in 2013. Mize has grown by adding many global manufacturers in heavy equipment, consumer durables, automotive, and other segments over the last few years. The channel partners (distributors, dealers, service network, retailers), Customers, and Suppliers of these manufacturers have joined the platform, which now includes hundreds of thousands of users in over 100 countries.

      Over the last five years, Mize has added several interconnected Smart Blox on the CX Platform to optimize various service interactions, including Registration, Warranty, Service Contracts, Parts, Knowledge, Returns, Inspections, and IoT.